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REACTIV Photochromic technology: No Matter the Weather

Designed for athletes and all types of terrain in any conditions, REACTIV photochromic transitional lens technology offers crystal clear optics and quickly adjusts to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, whatever the weather. With more than 130 years of development and experimentation in the most demanding sports, our REACTIV lenses offer the best photochromic optics on the market. With the widest photochromic range and fastest reaction time, there's nothing that beats our REACTIV lenses.

Manufactured using casting technology, they benefit from photochromic treatment throughout the body of the lens and we guarantee each lens with our a lifetime warranty. They offer outstanding performance in all technical criteria: reactivity speed, photochromic range, lens color, efficiency of the polarizing filter and special coatings to meet specific needs. REACTIV market-leading technology has resulted in 5 lenses adapted to different sports, and they can also be used in Rxtrem prescription sunglasses.

Optimum qualities for an organic lens while benefiting from a mineral glass manufacturing technique (very low-temperature casting). Its transparency and stability over time are exceptional (no cracking). It is ultra light, unbreakable and solvent-resistant.

Special coating

Anti-fog > prevents condensation and garantees maximum longevity.

Anti-reflective > reduces eyestrain and eliminates interference glare.

Brunishing > improved filtration of visible light

Flash finish > improved filtration of visible light by producing a mirror effect on the lens.

Water-repellent > makes water slide over the lens and prevents hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules. Visibility is improuved

Oil-repellent coating > prevents finger marks, makes water slide over the lens and cleaning easier.


All Julbo lenses belong to optical class 1 and guarantee protection from UV A, B ans C rays.

(1) SHR technology : Hight-Speed activation or desactivation.

(2) NTS technology : the lens gets darker or lighter regardless of the temperature.