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"I love the many ways I experience the mountains. In some moments, I'm drawn to dig deep to overcome a physical challenge covering a large distance or reaching a summit, other moments it's an intellectual challenge assessing snow safety and navigation, while in other moments, I'm graced with the calm serenity of sitting quietly by an alpine lake simply listening to the natural world around me." Amy David

 Professional Skier, Backpacking Guide, and Content Creator

Where are you from? Where do you live now? 

Originally, I am from Pinedale, Wyoming and I currently live in Stanley, Idaho.

When did you start your sport? How did you get into it?

My parents taught me to ski as soon as I could walk. I ski raced and competed in aerials through high school with goals to transition into big mountain freeride competitions in college. After overcoming several knee injuries, I worked in PR and on-camera for the Freeskiing World Tour before competing as an athlete in the big mountain events. I quickly transitioned to spending more time in the backcountry with a focus on photography and film projects. During the summer, I've worked as a wilderness backpacking guide which started while studying at Westminster College. 

The greatest challenge and gift your sport has provided. 

The desire to always be in the mountains.

What are your greatest accomplishments? Proudest moments?

I'm proud to pursue a career that both fulfills my personal desires while also adding value to others. As a skier, a few proud moments are becoming certified as an AIARE avalanche education instructor for both motorized and non-motorized users, completing the AMGA Ski Guide Course on the track to become a certified AMGA ski guide and to have placed 3rd at a big mountain FWQ competition in Verbier, Switzerland, and being an inaugural member of the Polaris Empowersports Women's Riding Council. 'm proud of myself for deepening my sport psychology practices and risk assessment mindset to safely push my limits jumping off larger cliffs on skis and expanding into more complex ski mountaineering terrain. As a backpacking guide, one of my biggest successes has been leading hundreds of women (in small groups) on multi-day backpacking trips teaching them how to be self-sufficient.

Whats a fun fact that most people would never know about you.

I was on a performing jump rope team in elementary school.

Why did you want to join Julbo?

Julbo has high-quality products in a variety of styles, the goggles fit seamlessly with the ski helmet (thank goodness!) and on top of having a unique heritage in alpinism, the people of Julbo NA are genuine.

Whats one piece of advice for someone looking to get into the sport competitively, professionally, etc.

Whatever endeavor I'm pursuing, I try to remember to be professional, positive, proactive, purposeful, and progressive. Those themes help with adding value to a company or developing your skills as an athlete. Have fun, be self-motivated, an asset to the team, follow-through, and take ACTION to achieve your goals.

When you are not training or traveling, what do you like to do?

I manage my own media company Action Inspired which enables me to work from anywhere while generating outdoor-themed media content. Regardless of working or playing, being in the mountains makes me happy. I love to mountain bike, work outside and spend as much time as possible cuddling our dog, Boss. I also love cooking at home or in the backcountry! 

How do you spend your "off" season?

Since winter sports could be considered the "on season" my offseason is spent guiding hiking and backpacking trips with Sawtooth Mountain Guides, mountain biking as much as possible, and caretaking the beautiful ranch we live and work on that's focused on land and wildlife conservation. I visit my family in Wyoming all seasons. 

You can follow Amy on her instagram, @AmyJaneDavid

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