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Ski freeride
Ski - 44 years

Noah Howell Backcountry Skier

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Current place of residence: Salt Lake City, UT

When did you start your sport? How did you get into it?

I got a late start in skiing. I did a little bit of groomed run resort skiing in Junior High, but it wasn't until after high school that I discovered powder and the backcountry. I found telemark skiing because I liked the idea of the challenge and that it allowed access into the backcountry. Once I discovered the freedom to move about in the mountains I was hooked. I dove all-in so I could become proficient and ski as much powder as possible. As the gear improved I got into the freeride aspect and ski mountaineering and now I enjoy all the different types of snow and terrain from traverses on light gear to powder days on phat pow boards.

The greatest challenge and gift your sport has provided. 

The greatest challenge and gift of backcountry skiing is the constant call to awareness. The demand for assessing yourself and the snowpack never ends. Both are always changing and affecting one another. It can become tiring at times, but it's also very rewarding.

Fun fact that most people would never know about you. Are facts really all that fun? 

Ok, I'll play along. Most people would never know that I grew up in the Mormon religion. I quickly outgrew the strict rules and opted out of guilt and shame and decided to create my own religion.

Why Julbo? What is most appealing about Julbo as a brand? What excites you about the brand? What separates Julbo from other eyewear companies? 

Since my first pair of glacier glasses way back in the late nineties I've been a fan. I like the heritage that Julbo has, but also that they have developed the best lenses out there. Julbo is not just another lifestyle brand selling overpriced eyewear, the keep it real with innovation and focusing on function for those of us moving quickly in the mountains.

Sweet or salty? 

Yes please.

One piece of advice for someone looking to get into the sport competitively, professionally, etc.

Do it because you love it, because there is nothing else you crave.  Do it because it's all you want to do above all else. Follow those crazy wild ideas, they are the dreams that will lead you to incredible places.

When not training or traveling for your sport what do you like to do?

I picked up a piece of land in the woods and I'm enjoying developing it in preparations of constructing a yurt for now and building a cabin down the road.


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