Stephen HYDE
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Stephen HYDE
Biking - 32 years

Stephen Hyde


My name is Stephen Hyde. I am a professional cyclist living in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, racing for Cannondale P/B After graduating from the infamous JAM Fund program I have raced for several professional teams over the years including Astellas Pro cycling and Cylance-Incycle P/B Cannondale.

I believe in being a student of the sport in all aspects – physically, mentally and emotionally. You may have seen me racing on the road or mountain bikes but my home and my true passion is cyclocross. There is just something about cyclocross racing that is not only in line with my skill set, but strikes a chord in me on a deeper level. I truly believe it is the most beautiful sport in the world and every day I get to do it is another day in which I feel truly fulfilled. Whether I am on a podium or learning all the hard lessons in the field, I am in awe of the sport’s ability to humble me and open my eyes to pieces of the world I would have never seen.

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