Ski nordique
Nordic - 31 years

Sadie Bjornsen US Ski Team Nordic

Hometown: Mazama, Washington

Current place of residence: Anchorage, Alaska

When did you start your sport? How did you get into it? 

I started my sport as a family activity. I have a younger brother, and an older sister, so we had plenty of fun as a family of five. Pretty early on, I became addicted to competition.. as everything was a challenge between my two siblings and I. I started skiing around the same time that I started walking. It started with alpine skiing, but I eventually switched to nordic when I got tired of being too cold on the chair lifts. Skiing up the hill made more sense to me.

The greatest challenge and gift your sport has provided. 

The greatest challenge has been all the injuries I have overcome in my career. When I was a senior in high school, I took an antibiotic for a sinus infection that had a rare side effect of attacking, weakening, and tearing the tendons in my body. Since then I have suffered from constant tendinitis all over my body which has forced me to train differently than many of my competitors. I have spent almost as much time in a pool aqua jogging as I have spent out in the mountains enjoying the views. This challenge has forced me to appreciate my body, the opportunities I have, and the people surrounding me.

Fun fact that most people would never know about you. 

I married a French man.

Why Julbo? What is most appealing about Julbo as a brand? What excites you about the brand? What separates Julbo from other eyewear companies? 

I have loved representing Julbo because of their focus on quality lenses. Our eyes are are avenue to every experience. Keeping them protected from the sun, snow, sleet and even ski poles is extremely important to us. I like that Julbo spends a lot of their time and energy to create a lens that will work incredible in all these situations.

Sweet or salty?


One piece of advice for someone looking to get into the sport competitively, professionally, etc.

Don't focus on any one sport too early. I think the best athletes in the world are the ones that fell in love with adventure, and got fit from that. Participate in as many sports as you can, as this will help create an enormous base of skill.

When not training or traveling for your sport what do you like to do? 

Bake, grow a garden, learn french, study for my masters degree in business, visit with friends and family.

Anything else you’d like to include?

I have a younger brother who also races on the National and Olympic Team.


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