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- Product description -

The CONGA optical glasses are designed for children aged 5 to 7 years old. Its classic pantos shape comes to life with a bridge that rises, which gives it more character. The acetate frame is two-toned, with a different colour for the front and temples. On the inside of the temples, there are pretty patterns in colours that stand out. The colours of the front are either translucent or opaque.

  • Lens size (mm) : 43
  • Age :
  • Base : 4
  • Temple length (mm) : 120
  • Distance (mm) : 15
  • Lens depth (mm) : 35
  • Weight : 23 g

Technical features

  • Acetate concept : Flexible, stylish and robust.
  • Acetate temples : Comfortable and stylish
  • Adjustable temples : Temple endtips can be adjusted to fit the length and shape of the ear.
  • Panto shape : An optical eyewear classic. \n
  • Spoon-shaped temples with hole : Turned-up temple ends so that children can put them on easily, and punched holes to attach a cord.