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  • Lens depth : 32
  • Distance : 13
  • Temple length : 125
  • Base : 4
  • Lens size : 38
  • Masse nette en g : 12 g 12 g 12 g 12 g

Technical features

  • 360° adjustable temples : 360° adjustable temples to fit perfectly behind the ear so that sunglasses stay on in any situation
  • Adjustable endpiece : Endpieces can be easily adjustable by the optician to reposition the temples in terms of height or width, adjust the pantoscopic tilt and offer perfect adaptation.
  • Adjustable non-slip temples : Flexible Grip Tech at the temple ends for better hold during movement.
  • Ergonomic bridge : for flatter noses of babies and toddlers
  • Headcord : Adaptable cord at the end of the temple. Frames stay firmly in place.
  • injected concept : Comfort, hold and flexibility
  • No hinges : no hinge or metal parts that could cause injury
  • Round lens shape : to cover the brow line
  • Soft material : soft material on the inner surface for cosier contact with skin
  • Spoon-shaped temples with hole : Turned-up temple ends so that children can put them on easily, and punched holes to attach a cord.
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