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Trail running
Trail running - 35 years

Motto: It’s not the destination or the journey that counts, it’s the company. 

With his wild curly hair, brown beard and huge smile, he’s one of the most popular faces on the trail running scene. After more than a decade sprinting along trails all over the world, Thibaut Baronian is one of the best trail runners on the planet. Respected for his longevity and appreciated for his engaging good humor, his trail running is all about passion. 

The fruits of experience

When he made his entrance into the trail running world in 2010, he was quickly identified as someone to watch. He had the bellows for it as they say. Which wasn’t surprising as Thibaut had been a member of the French junior cross-country ski team before becoming a trail runner. His “conversion” to trail running took place while he was studying physiotherapy in Besançon. As a competitor, he had to quickly switch from nights out with friends or studying to training sessions in preparation for the weekend’s races. 

More than a decade later, Thibaut has built one of the finest records in trail running. But don’t think all he had to do was simply swap his skis for trainers in order to carve out a place among the world’s elite.   

Before the results started piling up, the man from Haute-Savoie was feeling his way, trying numerous race formats, and failing multiple times. By his own admission, it took him a good four years to get to know himself and build a solid base from which he could perform well and gain consistency. A path involving many different steps, which he climbed with discipline and unfailing commitment to become the best French runner in marathon-type formats. 

While he made a name for himself in short-format races, the French mountain lover is now a multi-faceted trail runner. Capable of moving quickly in explosive formats and rolling courses, he’s managed to develop his practice and training so that he can also run for long periods and experience the suffering of ultras. 

Sharing the trail

In addition to his remarkable sporting performances, everyone who knows Thibaut is affected by his smile which very rarely leaves him. He exudes an irresistible ‘joie de vivre’ that makes you want to join him and run alongside. Provided he doesn’t go too fast! 

His second motto could have been “Be serious, without taking yourself seriously.” In other words, commit fully to your discipline but remember that sport is a game and the main thing should always be the pleasure of running.  

This is probably also why Thibaut likes to get involved in “alternative” projects. For example, running across the Cape Verde islands for humanitarian and environmental causes, a trail running film festival tour and FKT (fastest known time) records. Thibaut is one of those athletes who knows how to share his passion beyond the race bib. Someone who serves his sport in order to make it grow. 

Recent achievements


  • 4th in the Cape Town Ultra-trail, 2023
  • 4th in the Trail World Championships (45 km), 2023
  • Winner of the Restonica Trail (33 km), 2023
  • 3rd in the Golden Trail Series overall ranking, 2022
  • Winner of the Grand Trail de Serre-Ponçon, the Trail des 3 Pucelles and the Costa Brava Trail, 2022
  • Mont-Blanc Marathon (43 km), 6th in 2021 and 5th in 2022
  • Sierre-Zinal (31 km), 6th in 2021 and 7th in 2023
  • 3rd in the CCC, 2021


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