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Martin Fourcade

At just 25 years of age, Martin Fourcade is the boss of world biathlon and one of France's top hopes for medals. This ambitious young man is determined to win at least one gold medal in his second Olympic Games. In addition to his prestigious list of achievements, read his views of the event from another angle.

Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade

For your second Olympic Games, what mistakes are you going to avoid this time?

Martin Fourcade: This time, I'm really going to be able to concentrate on what I've got to do. It won't be the new experience it was in Vancouver: I already know about the ambience, the atmosphere and Olympic pressure... I know where I'm going and I can be in control. And that's a real plus!


How would you describe yourself in relation to your competitors on the slopes?

MF: I'm a competitor. I don't like losing. I really analyse what went wrong and that allows me to come back after a defeat.


Do you go through rituals before races to cope with the pressure?

MF: I don't really have rituals before races but more like a routine. I have a timetable where everything is tightly timed, from warming up to the start line, including ski/rifle tests, ski/rifle marking, what I eat, etc. That means I don't have time for distracting thoughts and I can really concentrate on the race. At that point, I'm doing stuff and not thinking.


And if you were a superhero, you'd be...

MF: I'd like to be Lucky Luke because of course he can shoot faster than his shadow.


What are your goals?

MF: I'm definitely aiming for the gold. Preferences? The Pursuit and Mass Start are two disciplines that I really love.


All the Julbo staff is behind him, what about you?

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