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The Aerospace revolution: its creators spill the beans!

At Julbo, we're able to design the most advanced sports products because physical exercise is in our DNA. We practice sports ourselves and are surrounded by the crème de la crème of outdoor athletes, so we know what works, what we can improve and what we can invent. Being fans of freetouring right from its early days, we quickly understood what we needed to design to enjoy it to the max. And so the Aerospace was born, the first goggle 100% adapted to this new discipline. Want to know its secrets? Read our joint interview with two of its creators: Clément Bonnet-Matthieu and Nicolas Defude, designer and goggles product manager respectively.

The Aerospace revolution: its creators spill the beans!

les créateurs de l'Aerospace

Clément, designer and Nicolas, goggles product manager


Can you tell us about freetouring?

Clément: "Freetouring is the antithesis of ski tourers in super-tight clothing with hydration systems in their rucksacks. There's a bit of uphill on climbing skins but it's mostly about the downhill. A kind of missing link between the hard-core ski tourer and the freerider. Here, it's more baggy than figure hugging, with a much wider ski." 


What trends are emerging around the discipline?

Nicolas: "It's a trend that's here to stay. It's part of the movement towards freer ways of skiing. On the market, gear is being adapted with the arrival of splitboards and switchable boots with soles for walking. All gear has followed the trend... except ski goggles!


Designer Aerospace

Clément, designer


How did you come up with the idea for the Aerospace?

Clément: "I've been passionate about skiing and snowboarding for 35 years and freeriding for the last 10. With my friends, when we went looking for virgin slopes we noticed we were spending more and more time carrying our skis. When you're going up like that, if you keep the goggles on your face, the fogging gets really bad. And if you put the goggles on your forehead, you're not protected from the sun or glare. There had to be something we could design to improve on that!" 


What's the secret of the goggle?

Clément: "The real secret is the SuperFlow System: a lens that simply unclips and moves forward to improve airflow between your face and the lens when climbing. The technology allows you to climb with proper ventilation and protection, and puts an end to fogging." 


SuperFlow System


What about the descent?

Clément: "To hermetically seal the goggle again, simply click the lens back in place. It's super-easy! On the descent, you then get all the best Julbo technologies with a spherical lens, all the technical lenses available and an XXL field of vision. In other words, absolute comfort both going up and down." »




How have the pros liked it?

Nicolas: "As we're the only ones to have had the idea, it's been fantastically well received! We've just taken the Gold Winner title at the ISPO Awards 2015, the biggest European sports show. In the USA, at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, we were voted "Gear of the Show" by the magazine Outside, "Best New Gear Award" by the Gear Institute and "Best in Show" by GearJunkie. Fortunately, Aerospace allows us to keep a cool head!


Is it suitable only for freetouring?

Nicolas: "No! It's the ideal goggle for anyone who wants maximum comfort and ventilation on a fine day's skiing, with no fogging during breaks or in the cable car."








Comments (3)

luc leroy,le 20 Octubre 2015
Bravo Clément, c'est tellement évident!
Du coup j'en ai besoin de l'aérospace pour cet hiver :)
Roland-T,le 21 Octubre 2015
Très bien, et pour les porteur de lunettes de vue !!!
Chris,le 22 Octubre 2015
Au top !
Je suis porteur de lunettes de vue et même avec mon masque Julbo hyper-ventilé, c'est la galère avec la buée sur les lunettes à la montée ou même lors d'une pause à la descente. Mais il semble que c'est de l'histoire ancienne avec l'Aerospace !!!
Reste plus qu'à se le procurer !!!
Merci Julbo !!!


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