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Dominik Windisch

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I started competing in biathlon when I was 10 years old. I was really bad at the beginning, and most of the time finished at the back of the field. But I never gave up and always believed in myself. I worked hard on my shooting and running performance. At the age of 18, I joined the Italian National Team after winning bronze at the Youth WCH. Since 2012, I've been part of the Italian National A Team and have started in every world cup and championship competition. In 2014, I won a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the best result of my career. So far...

Con JULBO...

Julbo is the best! Best vision, best service and lots of different products to suit every head size. Everybody can find the right eyewear. The Sniper product is perfect for biathletes. You can raise the lens fully so the googles don't interfere with the rifle.

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Sniper L
Sniper L

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