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Hervé Barmasse

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Born in the shadow of the Matterhorn to a family of mountaineers, Herve is one of the world's most passionate and accomplished alpinists. Inspired by the mountain of his birth, he became expert on all alpine terrain and sought the most challenging ascents preferring new routes and making incredible solo ascents. Among other the first ascent of South Face of Matterhorn - Alps -, first ascent of West face of Cerro Piergiorgio- Patagonia -, First ascent od Beka Brakay Chhok - Pakistan -, New route on Cero San Lorenzo North Face - Patagonia -, new route solo on Matterhorn Picco Muzio - Alps -, first winter enchainment of four Matterhon ridges in 17 hours

Con JULBO...

A lot of peoples ask me what inspire me. I always responded... The idea that it’s possibol to walk, to climb, and to look where nobody have been before. For this reason I choose to use Julbo. . A partners whit it’s possibol to construct a future.

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