Michel  LANNE
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Trail running
Michel LANNE
Trail running - 35 years

michel lanne

If you make a bet, honor it!

Born in the Pyrenees, and working in a mountain rescue team, Michel started trail running after a bet with his dad. Because he's the kind of guy to keep his word, he didn't do it by halves. His results speak for themselves: runner-up in the skyrunning world championships, winner of the Mont Blanc 80k marathon, winner of the CCC® in 2016, and most recently winner of the 2017 TDS®. Read the interview he gave us the day after his win.

Michel and Julbo

 "Julbo promotes the mountain spirit and values that are so dear to me. They have a dynamic and innovative team, are always willing to listen to their athletes, and are driven by passion for the mountains and sport in general. I'm in total synch with the philosophy of the Julbo family, and I'd like to thank them for the way they listen and for the quality of their products. When trail running, I'm moving over unstable and constantly changing terrain. Every step requires flawless vision and anticipation to maintain an efficient and safe stride. Lightweight, ergonomic Julbo frames and top-quality Zebra lenses are the ideal combination for perfect trail sunglasses. They're also super-stylish! What more could you want?

Michel Lanne's sunglasses

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