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Crossed Views EP#1 - Jonas Devouassoux, the scholar skier

As we approach the Olympic Games, an innovative series known as Crossed Views gives an insider view of some of the key personalities likely to shine in Pyeongchang. Champions as seen by their brothers- and sisters-in-arms, people who share their passions, dreams and hopes, who spend time with them, support them and also compete with them. A new and expert angle for painting the portrait of passionate athletes from an insightful perspective, and revealing the inner world that gives them the burning desire to be champions.

Crossed Views EP#1 - Jonas Devouassoux, the scholar skier


His looks might fool the world, but not his comrades-in-arms. Behind the big beard and lumberjack physique hides an unusual and cultured athlete with limitless curiosity and a passion for politics. A talkative and enthusiastic live wire, he's described by his peers as the intellectual of the group and its spokesperson, as well as its clown. 

The fascinating and playful personality of Jonas Devouassoux is transmuted into formidable warrior when he drops the goggles, where brutal overtaking and bold lines are the order of the day. The portrait of an unusual skier combining humor and action, who could well create a surprise in Pyeongchang.



Born 23/10/1989 in Chamonix / Mont Blanc

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