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New photochromic lens: Snow Tiger, excellent visual comfort

In the mountains, conditions can change quickly. 70% of the information we process to guide our movements is visual. Because of this, goggles are much more than simple fashion accessories and should be viewed as a tool to genuinely enhance performance. And when you

New photochromic lens: Snow Tiger, excellent visual comfort

Snow Tiger

SNOW TIGER: viewing comfort

With a balanced and carefully measured combination of light-sensitive technology (category 2 to 3) and glare filtration (Glare Control filter), the goggle offers all-mountain riders optimum reading of the terrain whatever the conditions: the effects of whiteout and snow surface glare are eliminated, while icy sections are easy to see; and all this with outstanding levels of comfort.

- Photochromic (category 2 to 3)
- «Glare Control» filter for better reading of the terrain
- Orange tint: improved contrast


Glare control Filter

An anti-glare filter with a polarizing effect (57% polarization) to combat glare while remaining sufficiently bright to allow good visibility. This makes the terrain easy to read in both good and bad weather.


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