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TransAlp: From Nice to Montreux - Jérôme Clementz

Jerome Clementz, arguably the most accomplished enduro MTBer, had a dream, he asked for our help to master it.

TransAlp: From Nice to Montreux -  Jérôme Clementz

Jérôme Clementz won everything he could won in MTB enduro. The original world champion is a fierce competitor but also a travel lover. He always takes time to discover the mountain, far from all the timed-stages and events hype. From his notable trips, we can remember Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, Mount Elbert in Colorado (USA)...


The birth of a dream: TransAlp

Watching the Tour de France (Road Cycling multi-stage race, the most iconic of all) on TV seeing the beautiful passes and driving through them without having time to explore, Jérôme realized the assets of those mythic passes in the Alps. he wanted to ride them all with his MTB and mostly link them one by one. He imagined a road from south to north starting in Nice by the Mediterranean Sea to Montreux by the Geneva Lake. 

He selected 7 passes and gave himself a week to do them. The list in the order goes: Col d'Allos, Col de Vars, Col de l'Izoard, Col du Galibier, Col de l'Iseran, Col du Petit Saint Bernard and finally Col du Grand Saint Bernard.

His SO and rider Pauline Dieffenthaler was riding along with him. Jérémie Reuiller & Pierre Henni where shooting (filming and photography).

Please enjoy

Day 1 - Col d'Allos


Day 2 - Col de Vars


Col de l'Izoard - Day 3 


Col du Galibier - Day 4 


Col de l'Iseran - Day 5 


Col du Petit Saint Bernard - Day 6 


Col du Grand Saint Bernard - Day 7 


Backstage action on Twitter:

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