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Where do you go kitesurfing in Tahiti? Follow in the wake of the Swell Session

In October last year, Hugo, the lucky winner of the Swell Session went to Tahiti with pro rider Jérémie Eloy for a trip of a lifetime: a 10-day kitesurfing trip on a sailing boat. Follow in the wake of this unique adventure: when, where and how to go kitesurfing in Tahiti!

Where do you go kitesurfing in Tahiti? Follow in the wake of the Swell Session

Everything you need to know about Tahiti before you go:

Capital: Papeete
Language: French, Tahitian, Marquesan
Entry requirements: a valid passport, no visa is required for stays less than 3 months.
Currency: the Pacific franc (PSC)
Time difference: -10 hours GMT, i.e. -11 hours in the summer and - 10 hours in the winter - compared to London.

With 118 islands scattered like confetti on the sparkling waters of the Pacific ocean, Polynesia offers a fantastic range of experiences.


When should you go?

The climate in Tahiti has two seasons: a dry and a wet season. During the latter, there are tropical showers that seldom last more than 30 minutes. The Pacific trade winds blow constantly and the temperature rarely falls below 22°C, and can go up to 35°C: it is the ideal place for kitesurfing all year round!


How do you get there?

Compagnie aérienneAir Tahiti Nui offers 5 flights per week from Paris. A big advantage is that they allow you to check in a 23kg bag + a cabin bag less than 2m long and 23kg at no extra charge.


Where do you go kitesurfing inTahiti?

The most popular place for kitesurfing is the Motu Martin, not far from the mouth of the Papenoo which can be a very good place for waves for all levels! There is equipment for hire here, and lessons. Just contact Manutea, the person who runs the kitesurfing school: contact[at]

Then on the neighbouring island: Moorea, take the Aremiti ferry (30 minutes) to cross with a car. Tipaniers is one of the most beautiful spots in the world: sandbanks and coral provide exceptional shades of colours! It is comparatively easy to kitesurf here with rays and sharks.
And if you want lessons, contact David Bourroux, a well known figure in the kitesurfing world, who will take care of you at the Lakana Fly kitesurfing school:bdflyfr[at]


base SunsailThen if you are really keen, take a plane from Tahiti to the island of Raiatea with the local airline Air Tahiti. On Raiatea, join the Sunsail base where you can hire a monohull or catamaran for a stay on the incredible lagoon. The Alyzés (trade winds) blow on Raiatea’s lagoons, making them a fabulous playground for kitesurfing.

Navigating in the islands is simple. The centre of the Pacific is the only place where there is no lunar tide. Everything is regulated by the sun, with high tides at noon and at midnight! The Leeward Islands are less than four hours apart by boat.

In the lagoon, you are protected by the reef, and so there is no swell to prevent you from appreciating the turquoise colours of the water, the spotted eagle rays, the sea turtles around the boat and the dolphins at the entry to the channels. An epic way to enjoy the best of the Polynesian islands.

Office de tourisme TahitiMore information on visiting Tahiti and its islands is available from the Tourist Office in Polynesia.


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,le 05 Giugno 2013
Je reve avec pouvoir etre le prochain heureux gagnant!!

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