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Jérémy Bernard is no stranger to ski/mountains photoshoot. He was there during the all movie making. He brought back many stunning pictures. We asked him to pick 5 and tell us why. 

Victory. A picture worths a thousand words. More than words. Those arms in V-shape, the base camp in the foreground, the Triolet in the background… I think this a sum-up of the all shooting of “Waking Dream”. It’s 8:52 am, on may 5th, it’s a gorgeous morning the hardest face “Aiguille qui Remue” is done, it’s a success for the all team. Now it’s rest time, until next day!

"Aiguille de l’Amône". Every peaks and slopes around Mont-Blanc have their charm, theirs particularities. But “Aiguille de l’Amône » caught my attention. I have short of a check list of the mystical steep slopes I want to shoot, now I can tick the box. This ramp is suspensed over a 300m high cliff. At the top it’s fresh snow, beautiful views, but then it’s void, all void. Its shape, its location, the Dolent in background make this peak the most aesthetical of Mont Blanc massif. So when Sam & Pica proposed me to shoot there, I didn’t hesitate! I think it’s one of my favorite shot during winter 16-17.

Good morning. Pica opens the eyes, feeling still groovy, getting out of the warmth of the sleeping bag. The cold bites. It always take a huge effort to get out of you comfort zone at 3.30am when it’s dark outside and that the snow is falling hard… Whatever, Pica knows he needs to take his chance, in 4 hours the first lights will appear and he will need to be ready to tackle the mountain face. The tea heats up the heart and gives courage. Sam & Pica gear up and sink into the night, alone. Waking Dream.

Drone shot. Technology... Good? Evil? Before it was cooler? I don’t know. What makes me smile is that a few years ago I’d fought to get my ass in the helicopter, to do a “doors off” shoot. One foot inside, one foot outside, hanging on the harness, trusting the harness for my safety… it’s hell of an adrenaline rush & a guarantee you can get beautiful pictures. But nowadays drone are frequent. On that day we let the helicopter on ground and opted for a much lighter tool to follow Sam. I wonder if next time I can use a flyboard…?

« Le Col de la Verte ». Another epic slope in the Massif. 50-55° on 800m. The pair had to climb up 1300m to reach the summit at 3796m. Another big “been there, done that” for Sam & Pica during the making of the movie. It’s so steep, it’s void. Sam & Pica managed to build a strong relationship in the mountains over the years, skiing this one is the result of their work together. They shared this in an exemplary way. Never far one from the other at the uphill. One after the other with surgical moves during the downhill. 100% focused on them. 

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