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- Sunglasses lenses available in EVAD-1 -


Photochromic lenses (cat. 1 to 3 - visible light transmission rate: 17% - 75%), they get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions and therefore adapt to any time of day and to the terrain. Internal anti-fog coating and external oil-repellent coating (prevents marking, makes cleaning easier and facilitates water runoff). Ideal for trail running and mountain biking.

Color : 266 / 290

Sun protection : Photochromic

VLT (visibility light transmission) : 17% - 75%

Material : TRIVEX

- Product description -

Particularly recommended for cycling and running, EVAD-1 connected sports sunglasses offer you an efficient performance tool that can be accessed at any time with 12 hours of battery life. Thanks to the "See-Through" technology (powered by ActiveLook®), view in real-time a lot of items of data directly in your field of vision: stopwatch, distance, elevation, speed, average speed, pace and heart rate. Three sports profiles (Running, Cycling, Multi-activity) are also available with a set of data specific to each profile. External sensors can be connected to visualize the power and rhythm of your activities. These connected sunglasses incorporate the best Julbo innovations including REACTIV Photochromic 1-3 lenses (react to light levels and/or UV) to give maximum protection wherever you're practicing your sport (open ground, under trees) and whatever the weather (bright sunlight, overcast conditions, etc.). Ergonomically designed for a total weight of 35 grams, your connected sports glasses can be fitted to all face shapes and facilitate airflow and ventilation to prevent fogging. Connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone (compatible with Android/iOS/Garmin®), the ActiveLook® app is constantly evolving to develop the infinite potential of your EVAD-1 connected sunglasses.

  • Lens size (mm) : 74
  • Age :
  • Hinges : Non
  • Base : 8
  • Temple length (mm) : 135
  • Distance (mm) : 13
  • Lens depth (mm) : 52
  • Weight : 35 g

Technical features

  • Nose Grip : Flexible, shock-absorbing grip insert on the bridge.
  • Adjustable Temples : The temples are designed for precise adjustment to guarantee perfect and long-lasting grip. No readjustment of grip required for each outing.
  • Bluetooth® Connection : The sunglasses are directly connected to your device (smartphone, connected watch, etc.) via Bluetooth®
  • Built-in Battery : Battery fully integrated into the design. Directly rechargeable via micro-USB.
  • Comfort Fit with Helmet : Temples designed to provide comfortable grip even with a helmet.
  • Full Venting : Highly vented sunglasses structure allowing full circulation of air to prevent fogging.
  • Grip Tech Temples : Exclusive soft material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, for perfect grip and comfort.
  • Motion Sensor Sontrol : Simply pass your hand over the side of the glasses to change the information displayed in the field of vision.
  • See Through Head-Up Display : Real-time performance data display in the field of vision.
  • Wraparound Wide Shape : Wraparound profile combining protection and good vision.

Accessories included

These connected sunglasses come with two removable bridges to fit your face shape, two headcords to choose from, a hard glasses case, microfiber pouch, cleaning cloth, micro-USB/USB charging cable, quick start guide and cleaning kit.