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Discover our collection of ski helmets with visors, lightweight, versatile, and durable, perfect for your days on the mountain. We have taken the same care in the finishes to ensure that each of them perfectly combines protection, comfort, and style.

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At Julbo, the safety and comfort of our customers are top priorities. That’s why we design ultra-high-performance ski helmets that will accompany you on all your mountain adventures.

Our helmet models stand out primarily for their exceptional lightness. Made from high-tech materials such as injected ABS plastic (a rigid plastic material) or EPS foam (a shock-absorbing material), they are robust while remaining incredibly lightweight on your head. Their low weight will make you almost forget you're wearing them!

Another major advantage of our helmets is their optimal ventilation. Thanks to technologies like Air Flow and Adjustable Air Flow, air can circulate freely to evacuate sweat and heat, keeping your head cool in all circumstances.

Their wide panoramic field of vision is also a real plus for skiing with peace of mind. The anti-fog ventilated visor ensures perfect visibility during your outings, even in wet weather.

With the Adjustable Fit system, you can precisely adjust the size of your helmet for a perfect fit. The removable 3D ear pads provide unmatched comfort. Finally, the wide range of colors and finishes will appeal to style and personalization enthusiasts.

So don't wait any longer, adopt a Julbo helmet this season to fully enjoy your passion for skiing!


Choosing the right ski helmet is no easy task. Several criteria need to be taken into account to find the model that suits you best.

Durability and Impact Resistance: This is obviously the number one criterion. Julbo’s Injected ABS and In-Mold technologies are preferred for optimal protection with their rigid outer shell and high-performance shock-absorbing inner foam.

Comfort and Fit: These are also essential. You need to feel comfortable with your helmet on your head to stay focused on your performance. Julbo helmets with their Adjustable Fit system and removable 3D ear pads offer optimal fit and comfort.

Ventilation: Sufficient ventilation is needed to avoid excessive sweating. Once again, Julbo stands out with its Air Flow and Adjustable Air Flow systems that let air circulate inside the helmet.

Wide Field of Vision: This is a significant asset for safe skiing. Opt for a ski helmet with an integrated anti-fog ventilated visor like those on Julbo models.

Style: This also matters to feel comfortable and proudly display your colors on the slopes. With their wide range of colors and finishes, whether you are looking for a women's or men's ski helmet, Julbo models will charm you. Matching your helmet with your ski boots or ski clothing will not be a problem.

Depending on your level, body shape, and practice, the suitable helmet model can vary. Don't hesitate to try several references in the store to find the perfect fit for your head!


Julbo is recognized for its expertise and cutting-edge technological innovations in the field of ski helmets. Discover the main technologies that make the difference.

Injected ABS Structure: This ensures unmatched strength thanks to its hardened plastic outer shell combined with shock-absorbing EPS foam inside. This guarantees maximum protection.

In-Mold Technology: With its EPS foam shell and polycarbonate cover, it offers extreme lightness coupled with excellent cushioning.

Hybrid: Combining ABS plastic on the upper part and EPS foam on the lower part, it perfectly combines strength, lightness, and fit in all circumstances.

Unique Options: Julbo stands out with its Adjustable Air Flow ventilation system modifiable according to your needs, photochromic visors, or even the TwiceMe identification chip that provides your medical information to rescuers in case of an accident.

At Julbo, we make a point of offering a wide range of men's, women's, and children's ski helmets so that every skier can find the model that perfectly meets their expectations.

In addition to flagship technologies like Injected ABS, In-Mold, or Hybrid, some of our helmets incorporate very advanced additional options. For example, MIPS technology with its layer that absorbs lateral shocks, or the RECCO geolocation system for rapid rescue in case of an avalanche.

We also design children's ski helmets, with more enveloping shells and easy-to-use adjustment systems for parents. Indeed, the little ones deserve the greatest protection.

From design to manufacturing and real-world testing, Julbo masters all stages of the production process to guarantee ultra-high-performance equipment.

By choosing a Julbo ski helmet, you are assured of combining protection, comfort, and technicality to fully enjoy your passion for skiing and winter sports.


Wearing a ski helmet is essential to ensure shock absorption in case of a fall and to protect you well. To make the most of all the qualities of your Julbo ski helmet, here are some tips for using it correctly.

  • Adjust Regularly: Regularly adjust the size of your helmet with the Adjustable Fit system. A ski helmet that is too tight or too loose loses its effectiveness.
  • Clean and Maintain: Clean and maintain your helmet regularly using a soft cloth and soapy water. Avoid abrasive products that could damage the finishes.
  • Open Ventilation: On hot days, open the vents to maximize airflow and evacuate sweat.
  • Remove Goggles: If you wear ski goggles or sunglasses, remove them during the ski lifts to prevent fogging due to condensation.
  • Proper Storage: Always store your helmet away from impacts, in a dry and ventilated place. This will prolong its lifespan.

With these simple steps, you will preserve the optimal protection and comfort qualities of your Julbo helmet. Whether you practice alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, or ski touring, you are ready to hit the slopes with peace of mind! So don't wait any longer, choose the model that suits you best from our wide range of technical and trendy helmets.

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