The first streaks of dawn illuminate the peaks. Throughout the night, the nearby stream has been babbling away soothingly. Waking up in the middle of this idyllic landscape is rewarding in itself. Some of us spent the night in our tents, with the braver sleeping beneath the heavenly vault. 

L’odeur de la rosée et une nature quasi vierge nous entourent. 

Sophie Lechasseur

Outdoor spirit

This spot has been chosen carefully. There's a crystal-clear stream for water, a green, tree-lined meadow where we can camp and build a fire and, a few kilometres away, a lake to freshen up in. Now, the coffee machine sings out on the stove. The late risers among us are awakened, the strong flavour dissipating the last of any morning sleepiness. 

Outdoor spirit

Outdoor Spirit

 As we gather together on a blanket, there's just one thing left to do: make a plan for the day. What will it be, stand up paddling, a forest walk or a mountain bike ride? 

All we have to do is choose, live and be free.

Outdoor spirit

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