- Photochromic Lenses- REACTIV

Out of the shadows and into the light

REACTIV photochromic lenses react to changes in weather conditions and instantly adjust to changes in the prevailing light conditions. Thanks to this signature technology developed by Julbo in 2011, you’ll come out of the shadows and into the light in an instant, without ever compromising your UV protection or the optical quality of your lenses. A staple in outdoor sports, our REACTIV technology is now used in the majority of our sunglasses, ski goggles and helmets


REACTIV Technology

See things more clearly with...


REACTIV lenses are the result of many years of research and development by our in-house teams.

We have developed one of the biggest ranges of specialist lenses on the market, to offer you the very best protection solutions and guarantee unrivalled visual comfort: photochromic lenses.

Ultra-responsive lenses

REACTIV photochromic lenses are your perfect pairing on all your adventures, whatever the terrain. Thanks to the SHR (Super High Reactiv) process, they instantly adapt to light conditions and guarantee unparalleled reaction times, to enhance your performance. This effect is boosted by the NTS (Non Temperature Sensitive) process that allows the lenses to transition from dark to light more easily, whatever the temperature.

Résistance et durabilité

Qualité optique

Optical quality that stands the test of time

REACTIV photochromic lenses are superior quality lenses that combine the benefits of organic lenses with a unique mineral lens manufacturing technique. Durable transparency, strength, lightness, shock and solvent resistance: the advantages of these lenses made from Trivex and cast at low temperatures are endless. When wearing them, you can focus on chasing the thrills only experienced in extreme environments!

Incredibly lightweight

Lighter than mineral or conventional organic lenses, REACTIV lenses help reduce the weight of your sunglasses.
These lenses can be fitted to the lightest frames in our range, guaranteeing a balanced, comfortable result, giving you the ease and confidence you need to tackle the greatest feats.


Coating that lasts a lifetime

Did you know that the REACTIV lens’ photochromic coating is permanent?

The photochromic pigments are cast directly in the mass during manufacture and integrated into the material, unlike a filter applied in several layers on the surface.

What’s more, your lenses’ photochromic coating comes with a lifetime warranty that even covers scratches!

Lenses for every activity

With REACTIV photochromic lenses, you can switch from one sport to another without ever neglecting your level of protection. Available in three categories, these lenses can be used in Julbo sunglasses, ski masks and goggles to help you conquer the wildest challenges. You can also enhance their effectiveness with our must-have coatings on the inside and/or outside of your lenses.


Multi spécialiste dans le sport


Prevents condensation and guarantees maximum longevity

Traitement anti-buée



Prevents finger marks; water slides over the lenses and cleaning is easier


Water glides over the lenses and visibility is improved


Traitement flash


Improves filtration of visible light by producing a mirror effect on the lenses

Without Anti-reflective

Traitement anti-reflet


With Anti-reflective

Traitement anti-reflet

Improves overall optical comfort and eliminates glare

Banish glare

Crucially, our polarized REACTIV lenses reduce eyestrain by eliminating glare from reflective surfaces such as roads, water and snow. From sparkling glaciers to roaring oceans – nothing will stand in your way.

Our two types of polarization:

No polarization

Sans traitement

Glare Control

Glare Control

For High altitude fans

Our Glare Control low polarization lens cuts glare by up to 55%. It eliminates dazzle from glare while keeping reflections from sheets of ice visible, and the red tint further accentuates contrasts. With these lenses, you will improve your reading of the terrain and be able to go from reflection to action in seconds.


High polarization


Precision without compromise

By blocking most light reflections, the high polarization lens provides maximum protection from glare and dazzle and increases the accuracy of your vision in all circumstances. Because it offers the highest possible solar protection, it is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts.

Prescription sports sunglasses

When you have impaired vision, finding high-performance sports sunglasses that are comfortable to wear can quickly become an uphill battle. Thanks to our integrated RX laboratory, the first and only in France, our REACTIV lenses can be adapted to your vision requirements on request.