Discover our collection of sunglasses to accompany you daily or during your sports activities. Each sport has its specific sunglasses and lenses. To constantly protect your eyes from UV rays (A, B, and C), we offer a wide selection of Reactiv photochromic, polarized, or standard lenses. It's your choice!

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When it comes to eye protection, Julbo makes no compromises. Thanks to its high-end lens technologies, our brand is at the forefront of innovation, offering unparalleled protection in all outdoor conditions.


Choosing the right lenses is essential to ensure optimal performance. Julbo's REACTIV lenses are a technological marvel. These photochromic lenses adapt in real-time to changing light conditions, guaranteeing exceptional visual clarity from dusk till dawn. For those navigating the seas or exploring snowy peaks, SPECTRON 4 HD polarized lenses eliminate glare and enhance contrast for clear and precise vision.


Protection doesn't stop at the lenses. Julbo sunglasses offer high coverage, wrapping around your eyes to minimize exposure to UV rays, wind, and debris. This wraparound design is particularly effective in extreme conditions, where even the smallest flaw in your equipment can have serious consequences.


And if you wear prescription glasses, we have you covered. At Julbo, we offer the possibility to adapt our sunglasses to your prescription. With this option, you won't have to sacrifice performance or comfort.


In the world of sports and outdoor activities, comfort and adjustability are not luxuries but necessities. This is why Julbo invests in innovative technologies that enhance the user experience at every moment.


Thanks to the "3D Fit Nose" technology, the nose pads of the frame are fully adjustable, allowing for a personalized fit for every type of nose. The "CustomFIT Temples" add another layer of comfort by being adjustable for a precise fit, ensuring an impeccable hold even in the most extreme activities.


When you are on the move, you can't afford your sunglasses to slip or shift. Curved temples ensure unmatched hold, even during sudden movements. "Grip Tech" is an exclusive material that provides both comfort and grip, preventing the sunglasses from getting caught in your hair.


Condensation and fogging are the enemies of athletes in action. The "Full Venting" technology offers a highly ventilated structure that allows total air circulation, effectively preventing fogging on the lenses.


Julbo stands out not only for its wide range of products suited to different outdoor activities but also for its commitment to including options for all ages. We also offer models for both women and men so that every athlete can benefit from the best equipment. Whether you are a high-level athlete, a tech enthusiast, an adventurer, or a sailor, there is a pair of sunglasses specially designed for you.

We have a selection of eyewear models to suit every personality. Whatever your style, you will find the shape and color of sunglasses that resemble you. From blue to black to pink: we offer a wide choice for top athletes. The design is not only aesthetic; it is also functional, with features such as high lens coverage for maximum eye protection and customization options for optical prescriptions.

At Julbo, we also bring great innovations to the service of the youngest. Children's glasses feature curved temples, specially designed to fit the morphology of the youngest, and are made with hypoallergenic and paint-free materials to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The absence of hinges and the presence of Grip Tech Junior on the temples allow children to easily put on and take off their glasses while ensuring a solid hold during activities. The wraparound shape of the lenses also guarantees maximum protection and vision, making Julbo glasses an ideal choice for young adventurers.


At Julbo, the goal is clear: to offer solutions tailored to each sporting discipline to maximize performance and safety. Here’s how the specificities of our glasses meet the needs of different types of sports:

For water sports like sailing or kitesurfing, polarized lenses are essential. They reduce glare and improve contrast perception, allowing for better reading of maritime conditions.

In cycling, real-time display and panoramic screens can be crucial. Panoramic screens offer a wider field of vision, necessary for quick decision-making and road safety. The "Full Venting" system is also beneficial here, preventing fogging during challenging climbs.

In speed sports such as skiing or snowboarding, visual clarity is essential. REACTIV photochromic lenses quickly adapt to changing light conditions, offering optimal vision in all conditions. The "Air Link Temple System" insert provides more comfort and lightness, crucial during long high-speed descents.

For high-altitude activities like mountaineering, UV protection is paramount. Our SPECTRON 4 HD lenses offer high coverage, minimizing exposure to harmful rays. The "Grip Nose" and "Grip Tech Temples" ensure a perfect hold of the glasses even during sudden movements or intense sweating.

And if you are an athlete who explores disciplines and pushes your limits further and further, choose a versatile model, like you.

In summary, whether on water, road, snow, or altitude, Julbo offers cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance your performance while ensuring your safety.


Selecting the ideal pair of sunglasses is a process that requires particular attention to detail. At Julbo, we offer a comprehensive range of options to help you find the model that perfectly suits your specific needs.

To start, it is important to choose the type of lens that corresponds to your activity. If you engage in water sports or wish to reduce glare in very bright environments, polarized lenses are the way to go. On the other hand, if you are involved in activities where light conditions frequently change, such as cycling or mountain hiking, REACTIV photochromic lenses will dynamically adapt to changes, optimizing your vision.

Regarding accessories, some models, like the EVAD-1, offer additional features such as multiple nosepiece sizes and retaining cords. These customization options are particularly useful for those seeking precise fit and extra comfort.

If you are an athlete who likes to monitor your performance in real-time, consider connected glasses. They can display information such as speed, heart rate, and distance directly in your field of vision without having to look at another device. These glasses are especially useful for sports requiring intense concentration, such as cycling, triathlon, or even running on varied terrain.

Don't forget to consider safety standards, compatibility with other sports equipment such as helmets, and available customization options. With our advice, choosing the Julbo sunglasses that suit you will be as clear as your future vision.

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