OTG ski mask for glasses wearers

Facing snowy slopes under changing weather conditions is already a challenge in itself, but for glasses wearers, the mission can quickly turn into an obstacle course. Between fogging up and the discomfort of poorly fitting glasses under a standard mask, the joy of the descent can fade away. Fortunately, Julbo offers the solution to no longer compromise between vision and comfort: discover OTG ski masks, suitable for both adults and children. These OTG masks are equipped with Julbo's cutting-edge technology, combining unmatched comfort, optimal performance, and enhanced safety. They allow you to fully enjoy your adventures on the slopes, regardless of the weather conditions.

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OTG, or "over the glasses," is the custom solution for skiers who wear prescription glasses. The challenge of balancing visibility and comfort while wearing a standard ski mask is now a thing of the past.

With an OTG mask, you benefit from a crystal-clear field of vision thanks to a specific design that minimizes fogging. Comfort is not compromised: these masks incorporate highly ergonomic thermoformed foam and intuitive adjustment systems for maximum well-being from morning until the last turn of the day. No need to choose between visual clarity and the joy of skiing. You can have both, and that's the Julbo expertise.


When looking for the ideal OTG ski mask, several technical factors must be considered to ensure the best experience on the slopes, in all weather conditions.


The first consideration should be sun protection. OTG ski masks offer various levels of sun protection, often indicated by filter categories ranging from 0 to 4. It's essential to choose protection suited to the conditions in which you will be skiing, whether it's moderate to strong sunlight or more variable conditions.


The choice of lens material can influence durability and visual clarity. Materials like polycarbonate and Trivex are known for their robustness and lightness. They are also impact-resistant, which is a definite advantage on the slopes.


Another important factor to consider is the shape of the lens on your ski mask. A spherical lens offers maximum peripheral vision, which is crucial when you're on the slopes to detect other skiers, obstacles, or changes in terrain. The curved design of the spherical lens also reduces optical distortion and enhances clarity, allowing you to navigate confidently, even in bad weather.


Nothing is more frustrating than fogging when you're mid-descent. Anti-fog technologies, often complemented by surface treatments and built-in frame ventilation, are crucial for maintaining clear vision. Some models even offer additional ventilation systems to prevent any fogging.


Comfort is not a luxury; it's a necessity—especially when talking about long days on the slopes. For those who wear glasses, this need for comfort is even more crucial. Our double-density thermoformed foams are specifically designed to fit the contours of the face while providing enough space to accommodate the arms of your prescription glasses. The result? A fit so comfortable that you’ll almost forget you're wearing a mask.

Regarding ventilation, we have incorporated integrated ventilation systems directly into the frame of our OTG masks. These systems ensure optimal air circulation, helping to regulate the mask's internal temperature and expel any moisture. Reducing fog on your lens and glasses is not just an advantage, it's a revolution. Thanks to these specific technologies, comfort and visual clarity are now inseparable, allowing you to make the most of every descent.


Style is far from a secondary element when it comes to OTG ski masks. With a wide range of colors and styles, you have plenty of choices to find the mask that perfectly matches your ski gear. Whether you prefer a bold look with flashy shades or a more classic design, there's an option for every skier. These aesthetic choices are not limited to appearance; they can also enhance your overall experience by making you feel as good as you look on the slopes.

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