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Discover the world of winter sports in a new light with Julbo. When the sun reflects off the pristine snow, it creates a glare that can be as magnificent as it is dangerous. For all those who love hitting the slopes, knowing how to protect your eyes is essential. Whether you're a fan of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, or simply a mountain lover, having the right equipment is crucial. And when it comes to choosing glasses, Julbo is the go-to brand. With a wide collection combining technology, style, and protection, our ski goggles are much more than just accessories. They are the essential companion for every man, woman, and child looking to combine safety and style on the slopes. And for those who already wear glasses daily? We've thought of everything, with solutions tailored to ensure perfect vision in all conditions.

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Skiing, this magnificent sport that allows us to become one with nature in winter, also presents challenges that cannot be ignored. Each descent, each turn, each jump is a mix of adrenaline and beauty, but without proper protection, the mountain can reveal its harshest side.

The sun's reflection on the snow, a phenomenon many underestimate, can multiply the intensity of UV rays. This glare, besides being uncomfortable, can be a danger to your eyes. This is where ski goggles come into play. Unlike regular sunglasses, ski goggles are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of winter sports. They not only offer optimal UV protection but also shield against cold, wind, and snow particles.

But that's not all. With skiing, every detail counts. The expanded field of vision provided by ski goggles is essential for anticipating turns, spotting obstacles, and fully enjoying the slopes. Where regular sunglasses might restrict your vision, Julbo ski goggles widen your horizon, allowing you to see more, see better, and ski safely.

Choosing ski goggles means choosing safety, performance, and comfort. And when it comes to combining all these elements, Julbo is here to accompany you on every winter adventure.


Since its inception, Julbo has continually pushed the boundaries of optics in the sports world. Known not only for its commitment to quality, our brand has also established itself as a pioneer in technological advancements. By choosing Julbo, you choose a vision of the future, an alliance between expertise and passion.

One of Julbo’s flagship innovations is its adaptive lens technology. These lenses, designed to automatically adjust to changes in light, ensure you have clear and sharp vision in all conditions. Whether the sky is brilliantly blue or overcast, your Julbo goggles adjust to provide the best view.

But innovation doesn't stop there. Julbo’s anti-reflective and mirror coatings enhance protection against glare and reflections while adding an undeniable aesthetic touch to your goggles. Additionally, aware of the importance of unobstructed vision, we have perfected an optimized ventilation system. This innovation prevents fogging, ensuring perfect visibility even during your most intense descents.

What’s the secret behind these technological feats? The answer lies in the close collaboration between Julbo and athletes. This synergy allows us to create products tailored to meet the needs of skiers, snowboarders, and mountain enthusiasts. By listening to athletes' feedback and responding precisely, Julbo ensures goggles suited to all conditions and disciplines. After all, ski goggles are much more than simple accessories. With Julbo, they are adventure companions.


Adventure on the slopes knows no gender or age. At Julbo, we know this better than anyone. That's why we've created a complete range of ski goggles suitable for every family member.

For men, our models stand out for their robustness and ergonomics. Designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and ensure an optimal field of vision, they combine technicality and aesthetics. Clean lines pair with colors that are both understated and trendy, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Female skiers are not left behind with Julbo. We have developed goggles designed to fit perfectly on women's faces. Without compromising on protection, these goggles boast elegant designs and soft or bold colors. Every woman can find the model that complements her ski gear while reflecting her personality.

Children deserve the best for their eyes. The collection dedicated to the youngest combines safety, comfort, and fun. Bright colors, playful patterns, and cutting-edge technologies ensure optimal protection against the sun and reflection.

And for those who wear prescription glasses? Julbo hasn't forgotten those who need vision correction. Our range offers innovative clip-on solutions, allowing you to easily overlay your prescription glasses and ski goggles. Additionally, some models are directly compatible with corrective lenses, ensuring clear vision without compromising on style or protection.

Finally, every skier is unique. That's why Julbo showcases a diverse collection, from the most technical models to the trendiest designs. Whether you are an off-piste enthusiast or a lover of leisurely descents, you will find the pair that suits your needs and style at Julbo.


Choosing ski goggles goes beyond just design. It’s about safety, comfort, and performance. Here are the key elements to consider:

  • Lens Type: Adaptive lenses with anti-reflective and mirror coatings offer optimal vision by filtering reflections and adjusting brightness.
  • Fit: Well-fitted goggles ensure optimal comfort. Make sure they fit the shape of your face well and stay in place without being too tight.
  • Ventilation: A good ventilation system is crucial to prevent fogging. Our goggles equipped with Full Venting technology guarantee perfect aeration.
  • Compatibility: If you wear a ski helmet, make sure your goggles fit perfectly without creating pressure.
  • Skill Level: Needs vary whether you are a beginner or a professional. Study the features and seek advice if necessary.

Equipping yourself with the right ski goggles ensures a pleasant, safe, and optimized skiing experience. Take the time to choose well to fully enjoy every descent.

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