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Ski freeride
Ski Freeride - 26 years

©Tobias Zlu Haller

«There is not too many days in my life in which skiing or the mountains are not the biggest part of my thoughts“


"I guess one could say that I didn't really have another choice other than trying to base my life around skiing. No matter what I tried, nothing came close to the feeling of gliding down a deeply covered mountain… maybe even go flying for a while on the way down. That feeling is hard to beat“

Konstantin or „Konsti“, as the friendly German would introduce himself, grew up in the bavarian Allgäu, not far away from the Austrian freeride capital of Innsbruck which would become his chosen home later on. „To really live in the mountains“ as he explains his move to the Alps. In 2018, while working in a ski school to support his life and love for the mountains, the back then 20-year-old made it to the FreerideWorldTour with some memorable runs on the FWQ QualifierTour.

©Tobias Zlu Haller


"It was an intense but good time! An awesome way to be skiing and in the mountains everyday and I could make a living out of it for that time. When it was a powder day it was hard though. But still I learned quite a bit from the kids I was teaching. There is just no better thing than playing with the terrain and having fun doing it“

His playful, yet extremely fast approach to big mountain lines made Konsti a name on the WorldTour and a demanded Athlete for International Film Projects when he couldn't finish two seasons in a row on the Freerideworldtour due to injuries.

"Back to back injuries made it impossible to end up with a good result on the WorldTour seasons, but the times not being able to ski or even walk made me realize even more how much I love to be in the mountains and out adventuring and that I want to spend everyday, no matter if its a contest or shooting a movie or just skiing with friends, in the best possible way I can.“


"My fascination for the unusual and for adventures already grew while traveling with the WorldTour and it got even bigger with the Film Projects. So I hope the future will bring a lot of adventures in unique places and a lot of insights and happy encounters with lots of different people. That's one more thing I love about skiing… it brings people together“

One can be curious what the future has in place for one of the biggest german freeride talents. Filming with the Legs of Steel and Fabian Lentsch in Montenegro for their new Movie „Long Days“ in 2021 marked the 10th Country his passion for skiing brought Konsti to and for sure there will be more to come


©Tobias Zlu Haller


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