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Freeride skiing - 32 years

sam anthamatten

A mountain attitude shaped by a childhood beneath the Matterhorn.

Julbo White Session: Steep & Mythic

Samuel Anthamatten shared the bill of the "Steep & Mythic" Julbo White Session with Vivian Bruchez. The two pros took winner and amateur skier Philip Criveli to the steepest slopes of the Alps, sharing their passion for the mountains with him. As the "local" of the stage to Zermatt, he guided Philip and Vivian Bruchez on the slopes of the Breithorn before letting Vivian show the way in his backyard around Chamonix.


Multiple talents on show

The Breithorn conquered at the age of 11 with his 14-year-old brother, a win in the ice climbing world cup at 16, and second in the general classification of the Freeride World Tour from his first go in the competition – this Swiss man's list of achievements is worthy of the energy he devotes to the mountains. "Mountains aren't like people, they're honest.If you make a wrong decision, they’ll let you know straight away; you can’t cheat. My goal is to ski beautiful lines in beautiful mountains. I’m always hunting out new routes down the mountain. In good conditions, it’s even possible to ski climbing routes. I’m not trying to stick my neck out or push beyond my limits; it’s more about looking for new possibilities. Discovering things for myself. I like adapting to what the mountains have to offer me. I love the challenge of extreme skiing, but I don’t want to do it every day; it’s risky, and it should be just an occasional thing."


Product development: "The Verticals" and "Epik & Peak"

Sam Anthamatten has designed two pro models with us in collaboration with other skiers from the team. In 2013, he joined forces with the most famous mohawk in freeski – Glen Plake – to create the "Epik & Peak", and in 2015, he and his steep slope buddy Vivian Bruchez designed "The Verticals" goggle.

Mountaineering Tales

With his two brothers, Martin and Simon, Sam featured in the sixth episode of our mountaineering saga. Read more about the story of the siblings: link


Goggles and sunglasses worn by Samuel Anthamatten

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