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Freeride skiing - 34 years


"Do what you want, but do it right!"



Sam's story is inextricably linked to that of his two brothers, Simon and Martin, his first climbing partners. It's the story of siblings born and raised at the foot of the Matterhorn, whose north face now has a route bearing the family name. It was while watching this rocky pyramid in its bewitching light, piercing through the clouds at 4,478 meters above sea level, that Samuel Anthamatten nursed his dreams of adventure. And it was through seeing Zermatt's high mountain guides, the heroes of his childhood, setting off on expeditions to the Matterhorn glacier, that he shaped his destiny.


From ice climbing to the Freeride World Tour

With Simon, his older brother, who took him up the 4000 meters of the Breithorn when he was just eleven years old, Samuel initially explored ice climbing all over the world and even won a world cup event at the age of sixteen. Together they also climbed the highest peaks on the planet, from Patagonia to Nepal, before the mountaineer's eyes, drawn to the off-piste world, turned to the snowy slopes and freeride skiing in 2009.


In 2011, Samuel Anthamatten caused a sensation on the famous Freeride World Tour. In Verbier, the setting for the grand finale, he took second place in the general classification after triumphing on the Sochi stage in Russia. This was the start of a great career on the pro rider circuit. But competition, and slopes unskiable for ordinary mortals, weren't enough for him. So the Swiss athlete set out to conquer the great outdoors.

A balancing act at high altitude

A freerider and mountaineer, he likes to combine his two skills and his two passions, using his extreme skiing expertise to discover unexplored places. Without ever cheating on the mountains, knowing they'll be honest back to him, Sam climbs them, sleeping bag and tent on his back, before tearing down on skis. With superb elegance, for the pure beauty of the movement, he likes to leave his lines on the best gullies from Bolivia to Japan. Like a tightrope walker balancing on a wire, where the carefree freerider and the careful guide coexist, he exposes himself to danger with the greatest mastery. Even if that means leaving the double-corks to younger folk.


With Julbo, whose family values he shares, Samuel has had many new experiences, taking part in the Steep & Mythic White Session with his friend Vivian Bruchez, and helping to design two pro models: Epik and Peak with Glenn Plake in 2013 and The Verticals in 2015, again with Vivian. Goggles firmly on his face, he visualizes his lines. His eyes search for new routes. With only one goal: to create unique adventures.



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