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  1. What does photochromic mean?
    Reactiv lenses are photochromic - that means they will get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions. The lenses darken when exposed to UV light waves.    This is helpful when the weather changes, so you don't have to switch to another lens or take off your sunglasses/goggles.    Julbo offers a variety of ... Leer más
  2. How do I clean the EVAD-1 connected glass lenses?
    If there is no soiling, we recommend avoiding cleaning the lenses. The EVAD-1 glass lenses have different coatings on their inside and outside. These coatings are required for the optical quality of the image projected in the glasses. It is therefore crucial not to damage them when cleaning the glasses. Outside On this ... Leer más
  3. How do I clean the EVAD-1 connected glasses projector?
    Please follow the recommendations in the cleaning manual. To avoid any risk of scratching, the dust and sandy particles possibly present on the mirror and lens should be blown away for any other action. You can use a dust removal gas for example. You can then clean these surfaces using a cotton bud ... Leer más
  4. Should the EVAD-1 connected glasses projector be cleaned regularly?

    No. We recommend acting as little as possible on the projector/optical module. It should be cleaned if very dirty or when the image quality is deteriorated (abnormal blurring for example).

  5. What type of file can be extracted from the ActiveLook® app?
    GPX files can be extracted. Just go to  History > Select a run > Click on the transfer icon > Select the transfer method proposed by your phone (email, message, storage on the phone…) This is the most common file type used to record and share GPS data for Strava, Runtastic Adidas, ... Leer más
  6. Which Garmin watch versions/models are compatible with the EVAD-1 connected glasses?

    The list of compatible models is available using this link. You can download the app using this link.

  7. How can I connect the EVAD-1 connected glasses to a GPS watch?


    To connect your GPS watch to the EVAD-1 glasses, go to the GARMIN IQ app store. Search for the “Activelook Head-up Display Sport Glasses” app and install it.

    You can download the app using this link.

  8. Can I connect my Bluetooth headset / ear buds at the same time as the EVAD-1 connected glasses?

    Of course. Using Low Energy Bluetooth, several connected objects can be connected at the same time.