A door in the sky - The Soul Flyers strike again
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BASE jump
jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

A door in the sky - The Soul Flyers strike again

What to do if you miss your plane?


Behind the name of the "Soul Flyers" are Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, a pair of "freeflyer" that always explore the limit of what is possible in the air.

It's been 10 years with the pair at Julbo and they never cease to amaze...

After flying right above the Mont Blanc in Wingsuit (not without being dropped at 10.000m), strollling around the french AlphaJet planes eqquiped with carbon motorised wings... here they are catching a plane mid-air... This is historical.


For this hisotrical jump, it took them three "shot" to manage to enter both the plane. They've been training for 4 months to master this stunt. Hopefully they had on D-Day an air support with a chopper which drpo them 200m above the starting point. They still had to walk this snowy crest and absail to reach the ledge.

Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet gave an hommage to Patrick de Gayardon who pulled this trick when Fred was only 18 years old and just began free fall. 


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