Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer pro deals?

    Any pro deals we offer are through Outdoor ProlinkExpert Voice, or Gov X. I would reach out to them, they offer some pretty sweet industry discounts.

  2. What is Julbo's return policy?
    We accept returns within 30 days of purchase as long as the items are in like new condition with the original packaging. Any return must be unworn and in re-sellable condition with the original packaging it came with.  We can only accept returns for purchases from the Julbo USA website. Also keep in mind ... Read more
  3. Are Julbo lenses polarized?
    Julbo offers both polarized and non-polarized lenses.    If you want a lens that is both photochromic and polarized, there is the Reactiv All Around 2-3 or the Reactiv High Mountain 2-4. These are great for moderate to extremely bright conditions that have a lot of glare, like on a glacier, on the ... Read more
  4. How do I set up a return?
    To set up a return, please send an email to info@julbousa.com with a copy of your original order confirmation. Please include the reason for the return. We will then set up a return authorization and send a prepaid return label to your email separately if you qualified for a free return. If ... Read more
  5. How do I clean my Julbo lenses?
    Use warm water and non abrasive soap like Dawn dish soap to wash away gunk from the lens. Rinse them thoroughly and then let them air dry. They should be like new after.    Try not to ever wipe the lens if it has dirt on it. If you want to wipe your lens to get fingerprints ... Read more
  6. What is the difference between HC and LAF?
    HC stands for High Contrast, that is a rose tinted lens which means that the base color of the lens is rose colored. You might also see the letters LAF, that indicates a Light Amplifying lens, which means the tint is yellow.   HC Rose/red tints are ideal for situations with varied terrain ... Read more
  7. What is the difference between Reactiv and Spectron lenses?
    Julbo REACTIV photochromic technology immediately adapts your lenses to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, no matter the weather. Reactiv lenses are photochromic, in other words, they will transition based on the brightness of the environment you are in! Reactiv lenses are made of NXT (Trivex) which has the clarity ... Read more
  8. Is there a size chart?

The latest questions

  1. Can I send my Julbos in for repair?
    Yes! If you feel like you are not up to the task, you can send you sunglasses to us for repair.  Please send us a picture that shows the damage. You can either submit a message to the left using the Contact us widget, or send an email to warranty@julbousa.com. We will get ... Read more
  2. What is lens size, base, temple length, distance, lens depth?
    Those are measurements for the sunglass frame found below each item under the product description. All are in millimeters.    Lens size is the width of the lens.  Base is the curvature of the lens. 8 has the most curve, meaning it will wrap around more.  Temple length is the length of the arm from where it is ... Read more
  3. Will Insurance cover my Julbo RXLAB purchase?
    Julbo is not a provider for any insurance plans at this time. We accept all major credit cards, but often times HSA cards will decline when we attempt to authorize the payment. However, sometimes customers can be re-imbursed for their RX order from their insurance provider afterword.  We suggest you discuss this with ... Read more
  4. How do I order prescription Julbo lenses?
    Click Here for Directions on how to order Julbo Rx eyewear.      A few important details to keep in mind: The Julbo RX lab is located in France so it usually takes 4-6 weeks from the time the order is submitted to when it arrives at your door. Julbo RX direct can only accommodate single ... Read more
  5. What is the Julbo RXLAB Prescription Warranty?
    Julbo RXLAB prescription eyewear has a limited two-year warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defect regarding our special lens coatings, lens treatments or frame breakage due to material or defective workmanship.  All warranty claims must be handled directly through the original dealer. If you purchased them from Julbo USA, please reach out ... Read more
  6. I own a pair of the Julbo sunglasses, can I purchase a set of Julbo RXLAB prescription lenses for them?
    Unfortunately, this is not something that we can do. Our Julbo RX LAB sunglasses are made in a specialized optical lab at Julbo France. The prescription lenses are custom made to fit each individual frame. A big part of the process is to properly fit the Rx lenses into the frame.  If you have ... Read more
  7. What does photochromic mean?
    Reactiv lenses are photochromic - that means they will get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions. The lenses darken when exposed to UV light waves.    This is helpful when the weather changes, so you don't have to switch to another lens or take off your sunglasses/goggles.    Julbo offers a variety of ... Read more
  8. Are Spectron 4 lenses polarized?

    Spectron 4 lenses are not polarized. However, they do have an anti-reflective coating, block 95% of visible light (5% VLT) and protect from 100% UV A, B and C rays.