Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between HC and LAF?
    HC stands for High Contrast, that is a rose tinted lens which means that the base color of the lens is rose colored. You might also see the letters LAF, that indicates a Light Amplifying lens, which means the tint is yellow.   HC Rose/red tints are ideal for situations with varied terrain ... Read more
  2. What is Julbo's return policy?
    We accept returns for items within 30 days of receipt so long as the items are in new (unworn) condition with the original packaging. We will only accept returns from Julbo.com. If the purchase is made elsewhere, you will need to go through that retailer. We do not offer exchanges. If you ... Read more
  3. How do I set up a return?
    To set up a return, visit our “simple returns” webpage, or click here. Once your return request is received and processed, you will receive instructions on the next steps via email. Please note, it will take 48-72 hours to process your return request. Please note, we are no longer offering free returns.  ... Read more
  4. Do you offer pro deals?

    Any pro deals we offer are through Outdoor ProlinkExpert Voice, or Gov X. I would reach out to them, they offer some pretty sweet industry discounts.

  5. How do I clean my Julbo lenses?
    Use warm water and non abrasive soap like Dawn dish soap to wash away gunk from the lens. Rinse them thoroughly and then let them air dry. They should be like new after.    Try not to ever wipe the lens if it has dirt on it. If you want to wipe your lens to get fingerprints ... Read more
  6. Is there a size guide?

    Yes! You can find sizes and dimensions by following the links below:





  7. What is the difference between Reactiv and Spectron lenses?
    Julbo REACTIV photochromic technology immediately adapts your lenses to the prevailing light conditions for ultra-accurate vision, no matter the weather. Reactiv lenses are photochromic, in other words, they will transition based on the brightness of the environment you are in! Reactiv lenses are made of NXT (Trivex) which has the clarity ... Read more
  8. Are Julbo lenses polarized?
    Julbo offers both polarized and non-polarized lenses.    If you want a lens that is both photochromic and polarized, there is the Reactiv All Around 2-3 or the Reactiv High Mountain 2-4. These are great for moderate to extremely bright conditions that have a lot of glare, like on a glacier, on the ... Read more

The latest questions

  1. Should I make my repair at home or send my Julbo's in for repair?
    That is up to you! Most repairs can be made at home. Generally, the only tool you need is an eyeglass-sized screwdriver.  If you are not confident in making the repairs yourself, we recommend sending them in for repair. Any additional damaged caused by an at-home repair will be the responsibility of ... Read more
  2. Lost or stolen packages
    We know how disappointing it can be when a package does not arrive as expected. If your tracking information indicates your package has been delivered but you have not received it, here are the steps you should take: Check the full perimeter of your house, and check in with your neighbors. Mistakes ... Read more
  3. How do I track my order?

    An email with your shipping information will automatically be sent to your email once your order has left our warehouse. If you did not receive an email with tracking, please email us at info@julbousa.com.

  4. When will my order ship?

    Orders placed before 11 am EST will be shipped out the same day. Orders placed after 11 am EST will ship out the next business day. 

    Please note, we are a small team. Slight shipping delays may occur around holidays or times of unusually high order volume.

  5. Do I qualify for free shipping?

    Orders with subtotals of $100 or more qualify for free FedEx 2 Day shipping. This will automatically display at checkout.

  6. What shipping methods are available?
    FedEx and USPS shipping options will be available at checkout. Expedited options are included. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii must be shipped via USPS. Orders with subtotals over $100 qualify for free FedEx 2-day shipping. If you experience any issues with selecting a shipping method at checkout, please give us a call ... Read more
  7. Product availability
    If you are interested in a product that is out of stock on our website, please email us at info@julbousa.com. We will be able to answer questions about restocking time frames or can direct you toward a good alternative.
  8. Sales and price adjustments

    We will adjust the price of your item(s) ordered within 24 hours of a sale period. Items purchased more than 24 hours before/after a sale period will not qualify for price matching. 

    Please note, this only applies to eligible items purchased from Julbo.com.