The Hidden Path #7


Preparing for the race of your life often requires a great deal of time and effort. And preparation involves a number of aspects: self-denial, mental strength and, sometimes, an element of luck. Competing in the Olympic Games is the holy grail of every top athlete. That’s what Maxime Marotte is training for and the objective that inspired ‘The Hidden Path’. But before he could think about competing in the Olympics, Maxime had to get selected for the French team –  a challenge almost bigger than the race itself, given the number of riders competing for a red, white and blue jersey this year.



- Sunglasses -

When practising sport, good vision is essential to read the terrain correctly. More than 70% of our movements are guided by our vision. Sunglasses are therefore much more than a simple fashion accessory and can be used as a tool to improve performance. 

Founded in 1888 in the home of the French eyewear industry and drawing its inspiration from the great outdoors, Julbo is still synonymous with innovation and expertise in the world of eyewear. We are passionate about our independent, family-run business which continues to grow strongly, both internationally and through its new product ranges.

Thanks to our commitment to our athletes and the close relationship we enjoy with our customers, we share our know-how to bring the best vision and protection solutions to elite sportspeople as well as to active amateurs through our sunglasses, goggles, ski helmets, and prescription glasses and sunglasses.

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