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As soon as sunlight hits a flat surface, whether it's the shimmering water of a lake, the pristine snow of the mountains, or the asphalt of a road, it reflects and can cause unpleasant glare. This is where polarized lenses come into play, specifically designed to offer enhanced protection and significantly improve visual comfort. At Julbo, we understand the importance of this technology and have integrated it into our range of sunglasses, providing everyone—from seasoned athletes to children discovering the joys of outdoor activities—the ability to see the world more clearly and without glare. Dive into this fascinating world of polarized lenses, discover how they work, and how they can transform your daily visual experience.

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When sunlight hits a flat surface, it reflects and disperses, creating glare that can not only impair our vision but also cause eye strain. How can this be remedied? The solution lies in polarized lens technology. Thanks to a cleverly integrated polarizing filter in the lens, unwanted light rays are blocked, allowing only useful light to reach your eyes. Imagine the sensation: seeing the world with unmatched clarity, where every color shines with authenticity.

The comfort provided by polarized lenses is more than just a convenience. For water sports enthusiasts, for example, they are essential for clearly discerning water movements. For mountain hikers or skiers, the reflection of light on the snow can be intense. With polarized sunglasses, the mountain reveals all its secrets without glare. And for driving? It's a revolution. The road unfolds without the annoying reflections of the sun, offering optimal visual acuity for every turn.

At Julbo, we understand that each activity has its requirements. Whether you're looking for the ideal sports sunglasses or everyday eyewear, integrating polarized lens technology means choosing the best vision and protection for your eyes. Ready to see the world from a new perspective?


Discover the world through the lens of performance with Julbo's range of sports sunglasses equipped with polarized lenses. Designed to support athletes and enthusiasts in every discipline, our men's, women's, and children's sunglasses offer clear vision and unmatched protection against reflections and glare.

Men seeking adventure, whether on the open sea, mountain slopes, or ski trails, will find in our flagship models the perfect blend of robustness, style, and technology. The ergonomic frames, adapted to every face shape, ensure unparalleled comfort, even during intense effort.

For bold women, Julbo offers designs that are both elegant and high-performing, designed to accompany movements and challenge all conditions. The varied tints of our polarized lenses add a touch of style while optimizing vision according to the environment.

And for children, those budding young athletes, Julbo dedicates sunglasses specially designed for their size, offering the same benefits as adult models. Whether they are engaged in water sports, winter sports, or simply exploring the outdoors, their eyes are protected in style.

Let's not forget our ski goggles and other eyewear specifically designed for extreme disciplines, all equipped with polarized lens technology. With Julbo, no matter your sport, you are assured of seeing every detail with precision. Turn every outing into an exceptional experience, without compromise.


Polarized lenses are the epitome of eye protection, offering a shield against glare and enhancing visual clarity, especially on water and snow. This technology is essential for athletes, whether in the mountains, on the water, or elsewhere. However, there are other features and technologies that amplify the user experience, optimizing the performance of the sunglasses.

Polycarbonate lens composition is renowned for its lightness and impact resistance. It guarantees maximum protection while ensuring an optimal light transmission rate, adapting to various light conditions.

Beyond polarization, some lenses incorporate colored or flash mirror coatings, accentuating visible light filtration and enhancing glare protection. These coatings also offer a distinct aesthetic, blending functionality and style.

But comfort doesn't stop at the lenses. The ergonomic design of the frame ensures a perfect fit on the face and head. Some frames have removable side shields that offer lateral protection against solar radiation, ideal for extreme conditions. Other features, such as Grip Tech temples, guarantee unmatched hold and comfort, even during intense activity. Not to forget the ventilation systems that prevent fogging, essential for maintaining clear vision during sustained efforts.

When buying sports sunglasses, it's not just about seeing clearly but also protecting your eyes from external elements. Technologies such as side shields made from lightweight and flexible synthetic materials, like Spandex, reinforce this barrier. Additionally, soft nose pads not only absorb shocks but also ensure a perfect grip, regardless of the environment or activity intensity. This blend of style, protection, and comfort makes these sunglasses so special. They are designed for those who don't want to choose between performance and aesthetics because, with the right technologies, they can have both.

In summary, choosing sunglasses with polarized lenses means embracing advanced technology, but it's equally important to consider these complementary technologies for a truly optimal experience, especially for demanding athletes.

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