After-sales service and guarantee

  1. How do I return a faulty product (after-sales service/guarantee) so that an expert assessment can be made?

    Log in to your account:

    1. Make a request by clicking on "My after-sales/guarantee requests"
    2. Complete the form carefully and honestly

    Our customer services will contact you within 72 hours (working days only) after an initial assessment to explain the next steps tailored to your case.

  2. How long does it take to process an after-sales request?
    It all depends on the type of after-sales service required: if a product has to be returned to us it will obviously take longer than shipping a spare part (pair of side shields for example). It also depends on stock availability. Our customer services will keep you informed in all cases. ... Read more
  3. I bought my product when on holiday and can't return it to the store I bought it from. What should I do?
    All Julbo dealers are authorized to use and access our after-sales service. You can find a complete list on our website via the Dealers link. You can also contact us directly via the returns form by selecting either "guarantee request" or "after-sales service request" and following the instructions.  Our customer services ... Read more
  4. Can I get only one of my sunglasses lenses changed?

    No, we always change lenses in pairs to guarantee the optical quality of our products and maintain the same lens tint.

  5. How do I activate the guarantee for my Julbo product?
    To activate your guarantee, please contact the dealer you bought your product from and provide proof of purchase. All our dealers are authorized to activate the guarantee. If you bought your product from our website, please inform us of this by going to "My account" and then "My after-sales/guarantee requests" and ... Read more
  6. How long is my Julbo product guaranteed for?
    Your product is guaranteed for 2 years from its date of purchase as shown on the receipt or invoice. This guarantee covers manufacturing faults and material defects. Lenses are not guaranteed against scratching caused by incorrect use or lack of vigilance. Products that have been damaged through lack of care or ... Read more
  7. Can I contact you directly if I have a problem with my Julbo product?
    Yes, we are responsible for the after-sales service for our sunglasses, goggles and helmets in Europe, regardless of where you purchased your product. Please contact us and follow the instructions for completing the fields required to process your order: guarantee, after-sales, etc. Our customer services will contact you as soon as ... Read more
  8. I want to buy accessories for my sunglasses
    If you lose, break or damage your sunglasses, we provide an after-sales service. All the component parts of your frame and its accessories are invoiced individually: full frame, partial frame, pair of lenses, temples and accessories (cords, cases, pair of side shields, nose pads, sweat blocker, microfiber pouch, etc.). Some of ... Read more
  9. How can I check the photochromic technology of my lenses is working properly?
    At Julbo, photochromic treatment is applied throughout the body of the lens by casting at moderate temperatures. When in contact with UV light, the photochromic particles are activated in 20 to 30 seconds. If you're not sure, cover one of the lenses with your hand, then put the sunglasses on, wait ... Read more