Prescription sunglasses

  1. Can I get a pair of prescription sunglasses ?

    Yes, we can make prescription sunglasses for you. Our Julbo-approved opticians will take the necessary measurements to produce your lenses. We then perform all the manufacturing stages to make your prescription model in our laboratory on our premises in the Jura (France). Check out all the models available here.

  2. Which sunglasses can be corrected to my eyesight?
    Most of our collection can be corrected to your eyesight. As well as our best-selling models, we've selected frames suitable for all types of sport (road biking, mountain biking, trail running, standup paddleboarding, sailing, mountaineering, etc.) with the best of our technology to offer you optimal grip, protection and comfort. With ... Read more
  3. Can photochromic lenses also be corrected to my eyesight?

    Yes, photochromic lenses can be corrected to your eyesight for every type of condition, whether you're near-sighted, far-sighted, or have astigmatism or age-related far-sightedness. We also offer progressive lenses suitable for use in movement. All prescription sunglasses are made in our in-house production laboratory in the Jura (France).

  4. Which frames are suitable for photochromic prescription lenses?

    All our prescription-ready frames are available with photochromic lenses. You can choose the sun protection range and treatment you want for your lenses.

    You can view our prescription-ready photochromic frames here.

    For more information, we recommend contacting a Julbo-approved optician.

  5. Can prescription sunglasses be fitted with progressive lenses?

    Yes, our prescription sunglasses program offers progressive lenses suitable for use in movement. The surfacing technology of our prescription lenses improves dynamic vision. It guarantees the moving wearer perfect distance and intermediate vision, as well as close-up vision for reading maps, phones and watches. 

  6. Which models of goggle are compatible with the optical clip?

    Optical clips can be used in all Julbo goggles. Simply purchase the holder that clips the optical clip in place. This adapter is sold by our Julbo dealer opticians.

  7. I already have a pair of Julbo sunglasses. Can they be corrected to my eyesight?
    We can't fit corrective lenses in an old frame. You have to order the lenses and frame at the same time. Our best-selling models can be customized to your eyesight. These can be fitted with corrective lenses and the sun protection you want in the frame of your choice. See our technical ... Read more
  8. Which frames can be corrected with an optical clip?

    We've selected a wide range of frames suitable for correction using our optical clip. See them here.

    We offer two sizes of optical clip: an M size and an L size. The L size is not compatible with the Aerolite model.

  9. Which dealers have been approved for prescription sunglasses?
    Opticians selected and approved by Julbo have been trained to offer you expertise in prescription sports sunglasses. Opticians approved by Julbo can offer you frames corrected to your eyesight that are suitable for your sporting activities. See opticians near you here: Select "prescription sunglasses" and enter the name of your town ... Read more
  10. How long does it take to make a pair of prescription sunglasses?

    Once your order has been placed with a Julbo-approved optician, it takes 7 working days to make your prescription sunglasses.

  11. Can children's frames be fitted with prescription lenses?

    Yes, we offer some children's models suitable for prescription lenses. View the models here.

  12. How do I get prescription sunglasses?
    We work with opticians approved by Julbo. The optician makes sure the lenses are suitable based on your prescription and confirms the models available to you. All you have to do is visit one of them. The optician takes your measurements and shows you the frames suitable for your prescription. You ... Read more