How do I clean the EVAD-1 connected glass lenses?

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If there is no soiling, we recommend avoiding cleaning the lenses.

The EVAD-1 glass lenses have different coatings on their inside and outside. These coatings are required for the optical quality of the image projected in the glasses. It is therefore crucial not to damage them when cleaning the glasses.


On this part, the two important items to clean are mainly:

  • the left part of the lens behind which the movement and ambient light detector is located;
  • the upper part of the bridge where the touch sensor is installed (Capatouch) used to switch the glasses on and off.

If there are impurities or scratches there, they could cause these sensors to malfunction.

As the frame area at the Capatouch level has a groove, the use of dust removal gas is recommended there for deeper cleaning.


The inside part of the glasses can be wiped using a classic cleaning solution for glasses and a microfibre wipe after prior blow cleaning using dust removal gas. Special care is recommended for the right lens as it is one of the key operating elements of the EVAD-1 connected glasses. The projection area, which is difficult to access, must nevertheless be cleaned when dirty.

The coatings on the lenses are compatible with soap or alcohol based solutions. Once again, it is strictly advised against rinsing the lenses under water. A single damp wipe is recommended to remove excess products if necessary.

cleaning the EVAD-1 frame