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  1. What does photochromic mean?
    Reactiv lenses are photochromic - that means they will get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions. The lenses darken when exposed to UV light waves.    This is helpful when the weather changes, so you don't have to switch to another lens or take off your sunglasses/goggles.    Julbo offers a variety of ... Read more
  2. Downloading and installing the Activelook app
    Open the app and press “Start”. You will be asked to enable Bluetooth: authorise. The app also needs access to the device position. We recommend always using positioning for the best app operation. If you refuse, the glasses will not be operational. Your data is only stored on your phone and ... Read more
  3. How do I adjust the screen on my EVAD-1 connected glasses?
    To adjust the screen position by a few millimetres, go to the parameters in the ActiveLook app. The “Screen offset” block is used to customise its position for the best comfort. The UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows are used to make the adjustment manually. The total offset is indicated just on ... Read more
  4. How do I enable the movement sensor on my EVAD-1 connected glasses?

    To enable or disable the movement sensor, go to the ActiveLook app parameters and check or uncheck the movement button.

  5. How do I set the brightness on my EVAD-1 connected glasses?

    There are two available brightness setting options: manual or automatic.

    For automatic adjustment to the surrounding brightness, go to the ActiveLook app parameters and enable “Auto brightness”.

    For manual brightness adjustment, go to the ActiveLook parameters and set the brightness cursor as you wish. The “Auto brightness” button must be disabled.

  6. How can I adjust the temples and bridge on my EVAD-1 connected glasses?
    Two bridge / nose pad sizes are provided with the EVAD-1 glasses: standard (S) et narrow (N). The Standard bridge is installed on the glasses by default. You can choose the one most adapted to your face. The temples are adjustable. You can bend the ends of the temples towards the inside, ... Read more
  7. How do I clean the EVAD-1 connected glass lenses?
    If there is no soiling, we recommend avoiding cleaning the lenses. The EVAD-1 glass lenses have different coatings on their inside and outside. These coatings are required for the optical quality of the image projected in the glasses. It is therefore crucial not to damage them when cleaning the glasses. Outside On this ... Read more
  8. How do I clean the EVAD-1 connected glasses projector?
    Please follow the recommendations in the cleaning manual. To avoid any risk of scratching, the dust and sandy particles possibly present on the mirror and lens should be blown away for any other action. You can use a dust removal gas for example. You can then clean these surfaces using a cotton bud ... Read more