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Choosing a ski mask is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. Not only does a quality mask provide optimal protection against the often unpredictable conditions of the mountains—be it the biting wind, dazzling brightness, or snowfall—but it also plays a crucial role in your safety. Clear and unobstructed visibility is essential for navigating the slopes effectively, avoiding obstacles, and fully enjoying your experience. Equip yourself wisely to make the most of the joys of skiing regardless of the weather conditions.

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When it comes to skiing or snowboarding, goggles are more than just a fashion accessory. They are an essential piece of equipment for every skier or snowboarder, from amateurs to professionals. Discover why ski goggles are indispensable protection for every man, woman, and child who enjoys skiing.


Mountains are unpredictable environments where wind, snow, and sun can quickly become formidable adversaries, but bad weather doesn't stop great athletes. A good pair of ski goggles provides a protective barrier against these elements. It withstands the biting wind that can cause frostbite while offering protection against potentially harmful UV rays from the sun. Anti-fog treatment and ventilated lenses also help maintain clear visibility even in snowy or foggy conditions.


Visual clarity is not just a matter of comfort; it is a necessity for safely navigating the slopes. Obstacles like other skiers, trees, and even subtle variations in terrain can pose serious dangers. A high-quality ski goggle offers lenses with excellent optical properties, reducing distortion and enhancing contrast to allow you to perceive details of the terrain more clearly. This minimizes the risk of accidents and contributes to a safer and more enjoyable skiing experience.


Welcome to the Julbo universe, where passion for the mountains meets innovation. At Julbo, we don't just create ski and snowboard goggles; we design unparalleled visual experiences for different snow adventurers, from young beginners to professional skiers.


For the future champions, Julbo focuses on optimal safety without compromising on style. Our children's goggles are designed with special care to protect sensitive eyes while offering snug comfort. Who said safety couldn't be fun and colorful?


The adult skier is an explorer at heart, seeking to conquer new terrain while enjoying the great outdoors. With Julbo, every descent becomes a unique adventure. Aware that every skier is different, we have developed specific ranges for men and women, as well as for different types and sizes of faces.


Our goggles for men are rugged and designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. With high-performance lenses that adapt to light variations, you are equipped for whatever the mountain throws at you. Wider frames offer increased peripheral vision, essential for navigating complex environments.


Julbo goggles for women combine elegance and functionality. They often feature slightly smaller frames, tailored to narrower faces, without compromising on lens quality or the performance of anti-fog and anti-scratch technologies. Colors and designs are also thoughtfully crafted to offer a stylish yet high-performing look.


For mountain elites, Julbo offers the epitome of technology and performance. Our goggles for professionals are the result of collaborations with high-level athletes to ensure unmatched precision and visual clarity. From interchangeable lenses to anti-glare treatments, every element is carefully designed to give you a competitive edge.

Whether you're a young adventurer, an outdoor enthusiast, or a born competitor, Julbo has the ski goggles that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


The world of winter sports is constantly evolving, and with Julbo, you're always at the forefront of technology. We are passionate about innovation and dedicated to constantly improving our products to offer you an unparalleled skiing experience. Here's how technology comes to life in our ski goggles.


Photochromic: Our photochromic lenses are technological marvels. They automatically adapt to changes in light, giving you optimal visibility in all conditions. Say goodbye to changing goggles based on the weather!

Polarized: These lenses are designed to eliminate annoying glare from surfaces such as snow and ice. They increase contrast and clarity, allowing you to better perceive details in your environment.


Anti-fog: Nothing is more frustrating than a fogged-up goggle during a descent. Our anti-fog lenses are treated with advanced technology that prevents condensation and allows you to stay focused on your path.

Anti-glare: Glare can be dangerous when skiing. That's why our lenses benefit from an anti-glare treatment to minimize eye strain and improve your visual comfort.

With Julbo, technology and performance go hand in hand. Our goggles are the result of years of research and development, designed to meet your specific needs and help you push your limits. Get ready for a revolutionary skiing experience.


At Julbo, we understand that comfort is inseparable from performance. An uncomfortable goggle can ruin an entire day on the slopes. That's why our ski goggles are meticulously designed to offer impeccable ergonomics and comfort.


Ventilation is crucial to prevent fogging on the lenses and ensure a pleasant skiing experience. Our goggles feature innovative ventilation systems that allow optimal airflow. Not only does this prevent fogging, but it also helps maintain a comfortable internal temperature for your face.


We use the highest quality materials to guarantee both comfort and durability. The choice of foams, silicones, and polymers is the result of rigorous testing. These materials have been selected for their ability to withstand extreme conditions while offering soft and pleasant contact with the skin.


At Julbo, we've also thought about eyeglass wearers by designing goggles specifically made to fit over prescription glasses. If you wear glasses, you too can ski and snowboard in all conditions, without compromise.

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