Photochromic sunglasses

From the first light of dawn to the last rays of dusk, impeccable vision is a must for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Julbo, with its historical expertise in the world of optics, presents photochromic sunglasses for men, women, and children: smart lenses that automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Whether it's a high mountain ascent, a forest trail run, or simply a walk in the city, our photochromic sunglasses ensure exceptional clarity and unwavering protection. Dive into this world where technology, aesthetics, and performance unite to offer you the best visual experience.

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Photochromic sunglasses are glasses whose lenses can change tint based on the intensity of ambient light. These smart lenses are made with special molecules that react to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. The more UV rays there are, the darker the lenses become, and vice versa.

The principle of photochromic sunglasses is based on a chemical reaction involving photochromic molecules embedded in or on the surface of the lens. When exposed to UV rays, these molecules change structure, causing the lens to darken. When UV rays are reduced or absent (for example, when you go indoors or at the end of the day), these molecules revert to their original state, and the lens becomes clearer.

One of the main advantages of photochromic sunglasses is their ability to automatically adapt to ambient light. This provides constant protection against light and UV rays while eliminating the need to change glasses or lenses based on lighting conditions. Whether you're in bright sunlight or shade, photochromic sunglasses ensure optimal vision and suitable protection.


The world of sunglasses is experiencing a revolution: photochromic lenses. With Julbo's REACTIV technology, discover an unprecedented visual experience in all weather conditions:

  • Adaptability: Our lenses transition from dark to bright light in an instant, ensuring a smooth transition for your eyes.
  • Protection: Not only against harmful UV rays but also against intense light, guaranteeing maximum safety at all times.
  • Versatility: We offer ski goggles, cycling glasses, and versatile sports glasses to protect your eyes, no matter your favorite discipline.
  • Aesthetics: Whether you prefer black, green, blue, or orange, you will find the pair of sports sunglasses at Julbo that guarantees impeccable style.
  • Prescription Compatibility: If you wear prescription glasses, Julbo offers the option to adapt your pair of photochromic sunglasses to your vision needs.

And with our NTS Technology, our REACTIV lenses adapt independently of temperature. At Julbo, we continuously push the boundaries of innovation for your comfort.


At the heart of the Julbo brand's promise lies a perfect fusion of advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship. Discover the technical characteristics that make our photochromic sunglasses incomparable.

  • LENS MATERIAL: The choice between polycarbonate and Trivex. While polycarbonate is known for its lightness and robustness, Trivex offers unparalleled optical quality, combining finesse and impact resistance.
  • SUN PROTECTION: Our lenses are classified according to different categories, suited to extreme or moderate light conditions. The visible light transmission rate (VLT) is a key indicator, ensuring protection tailored to each environment.
  • SPECIAL TREATMENTS: Each Julbo lens benefits from premium treatments to enhance your experience. The anti-reflective treatment eliminates distractions, while the flash coating provides a striking mirror effect. Our lenses are also treated to be anti-fog for always clear vision, and oleophobic to prevent smudges and facilitate cleaning.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES: At Julbo, innovation is omnipresent. Integrated ventilation prevents fogging, ensuring uninterrupted clarity. The Grip Nose ensures a perfect fit even in the most demanding situations. And our Grip Tech temples offer exceptional comfort, adapting to all face shapes while ensuring optimal hold.

With Julbo, every detail counts, and this attention to detail positions us as a leader in the world of photochromic sunglasses. Choosing Julbo sunglasses means choosing the perfect blend of protection and performance.

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