UTMB®: Xavier Thévenard's 20-hour goal
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

UTMB®: Xavier Thévenard's 20-hour goal

On 1st September, the world trail-running elite met for the 15th edition of the Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail® in Chamonix. Today, in his web series, Xavier Thévenard talks about this incredible race in which he finished in fourth place, just short of the podium of legends: UTMB® - 20-hour goal.

Xavier Thévenard, hot favourite for the Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail®'s showpiece event, took just 20 hours and 3 minutes to swallow up the 171km and 10,000 vertical metres in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. In this Titan War, he finished just 10 minutes behind the third-place finisher, American Tim Tollefson, and just over an hour behind overall winner François D'Haene. It was a battle against his opponents, but above all a battle against himself.

Xavier was weakened by a virus he'd picked up three weeks earlier. Four days before the race he still wasn't sure he'd be able to take part. This race puts an unimaginable strain on the body. Competitors are battling against exhaustion, pain and external factors such as the cold which gnaw away at the body and weaken the mind. In this battle against the self, the mind is taken on an exceptional and personal inner journey.

You can hear about Xavier's brave race in the video. He's the only runner to have won all four formats (UTMB®, TDS®, CCC®, OCC®) of this unforgettable and legendary event


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