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5 advantages of choosing polarized sunglasses

You've no doubt already noticed the problems that bright light can cause when you're outdoors and it bounces off reflective surfaces such as roads, water and windows. These reflections stop you from seeing properly. There is, however, a way of limiting glare: polarized lenses! Learn about the five advantages of wearing them.


Polarized lenses have been specially treated to eliminate the effect of glare on reflective surfaces, giving the wearer improved visual comfort.

 On our lenses, this treatment can take the form of:

  • Or self-colored treatment as in our technical lenses (REACTIV 2-3 Polarized or REACTIV 2-4 Polarized). Self-colored treatment produces superior optical quality,
  • Either a simple filter on the surface of the lens, as in the case of polycarbonate lenses (SPECTRON 3 Polarized).


Are you a seasoned sportsperson or someone who prefers family strolls along the beach? No problem – you can choose your lenses to match your activities, and polarized lenses come in a variety of colors!

  • A yellow/brown lens accentuates and brings out relief: ideal for mountain sports (mountain biking, trail running, climbing, mountaineering, biathlon, etc.)
  • A gray lens replicates colors faithfully: ideal for reading the water, a feature particularly appreciated by sailors


Polarized lenses:

  • Provide you with the most effective protection and best comfort in the sun by operating on the principle of Venetian blinds: light only enters the eye along 1 axis.
  • Protect you from glare by cutting out rays of light reflecting off a flat / horizontal surface (water, snow, windscreen, etc.).
  • Intensify colors and improve contrast and relief.

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4- Performance

A polarized lens can also be photochromic: the lens gets darker or lighter depending on ambient light levels.Top-class performance available in three lenses!

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  • The REACTIV 2-4 Polarized lens is made for mountain and desert environments, and its anti-fog coating prevents the formation of condensation when you're working hard.

  • The Reactiv 2-3 Polarized lens – cat. 2 to 3 (gray tint): developed for all water sports and also has a water-repellent coating to facilitate water running off the lens, easier cleaning and improved visibility.

  • The SPECTRON 3 Polarized lens - cat. 3 (non-photochromic): developed for the High Protection, All Terrain, Heritage and Lifestyle ranges.


5- Available in several frames

Whether you're a seasoned sportsperson or a fan of leisure, our polarized lenses are available in several types of frame.

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