With our prescription sunglasses,
enjoy a whole new vision experience

Rediscover our exclusive technologies developed with our athletes and the models created using our longstanding eyewear experience combined with prescription versions developed by Julbo's team of opticians.

Using your prescription, enter your visual correction in our tool and find the sunglasses best suited to your needs in just a few clicks.

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"Taking the best line is essential if you are focused on winning.
With prescription ULTIMATE sunglasses, I have more precision and less stress.
I can stay 100% focused on my goal.

David Gaudu.
Cyclist, Groupama-FDJ

With our prescription solutions
your races will never be the same again

Suitable for all sports, RX solutions push the limits of performance even further.
Reinvent your racing thanks to the comfort, precision and peace of mind offered by prescription sunglasses.
Dare to go where you haven't gone before, do the things you've always held back from doing,
continue where you've always stopped, with sunglasses customized to your vision.

RX Lab

tailor-made performance

Adapted to all optical corrections

In our dedicated laboratory in the heart of the Jura,
In our dedicated laboratory in the heart of the Jura, our in-house team of opticians has developed
technologies that allow us to adapt our models to the greatest number of corrections and the most technical lenses.

Our other solutions on vision

Vision correction at your optician's

A selection of 30 frames compatible with a very wide range of corrections that can be fitted with prescription lenses directly at your optician's.

RX Clip:
all prescription sports eyewear in a clip

Vision correction in the form of a clip compatible with several models of sunglasses and ski goggles so you can do even more sport.

your prescription eyeglasses integrated into ski goggles

Our foam cut-out technology suitable
for all types of temple available in our best-selling ski goggles.